Attorney Case File Jacket – Workmen’s Comp


Great for organizing documents, adding dates and notes on the back, and keeping important logs on file.


  • 1 – 99: $1.90 each
  • 100 – 299: $0.99 each
  • 300+: $0.96 each

Customize your files:

  • Can include name, address, phone number, and possibly logo
  • Address box customizable (minimum order of 300)
  • Front and back customizable (minimum order of 1,800)

For all other quantities, please call us at: 312-332-1922. All Legal Form sales are final and non-returnable. All other products require preauthorization to return. Pricing and availability subject to change. Price does not include tax or shipping.

Attorney Case File Jacket – Workmen’s Comp